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Rebecca Mullen Coaching Classroom

Welcome, I am so glad you are here! I am Rebecca S Mullen and my company is called Altared Spaces. Here you will find my virtual classroom, where members can access (and sign up) for all of my courses.

Available Courses

I offer a variety of courses on marriage communication. Below are courses now available. Click on any one to learn more, register, or access your course content (remember you must be logged in to access course materials).

Free for a Limited Time

No More Loneliness: End the Silent Treatment in Your Marriage

Tired of lonely silences in your relationship? This free e-course will help you thaw the cold shoulder in your marriage so you can end the loneliness and feel united.


Marriage 101: The Foundational Habits for Your Happily Ever After

You want to have a marriage filled with trust: a home base where you feel safe showing up exactly as you are. You want a partner who will build a life with you: sharing the work load and life’s celebrations. And you want passion: sex that is exciting and also tender.


Six Steps to Better Marriage Communication

Strong communication is key in your relationship.
How can you improve your marriage communication strategies in the midst of a busy life? This class offers specific and practical tools. These tools are a co-creation with my clients which means I’ve seen them work to heal relationships. You’re not the only one who struggles.


Habits for Happily Ever After

Invest in the lifetime of your marriage. You pour energy, planning, and money into your wedding day, but what about investing in the marriage you long to create for a lifetime? I am excited to offer this 12-week class that will bring you closer to your sweetheart.

Testimonials from Students:

Get a Strong Start

If you are new to the virtual classroom, this is where you are going to want to start. This page will help you get the little things—like logistics—in place so you can focus on the BIG things—like creating a stronger relationship.

Tips for Taking a Course