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Habits for Happily Ever After

Looking for a way to secure your relationship longterm?

Take this 12-week on-line class, which starts May 25, and invest in the lifetime of your marriage.

You pour energy, planning, and money into your wedding day, but what about investing in the marriage you long to create for a lifetime? Want to trust more and lean into a relationship with your spouse? This class will offer you habits to connect. It doesn’t matter what stage of marriage you’re currently in; what matters is that you are willing to examine the habits you have (or don’t have) and make changes.

New to Marriage?

You just got married (or you know you’re in a forever relationship) and you want to establish productive habits from the beginning.

  • You want to be prepared. You’re worried about the high divorce rate and want the
    predictability of good habits to help.
  • You’ve got a great partner, but they’re having trouble communicating.
  • You want to address the little things before they become big problems.

Dating was easy. But now you need to know how to have a discussion about cleaning the toilet or how much to spend on groceries vs eating out so you’ll have money to go on vacation or buy a house some day. This class will help you establish productive patterns from the beginning.

Been married awhile?

You’ve been married a while and real life is eating away at the fairytale you wanted to be living.

  • You’ve asked. And asked and asked. Your partner still doesn’t get it.
  • You still love each other but the zest is gone. You don’t laugh like you use to.
  • Your sex life isn’t in trouble, but it’s not exciting either.

The little problems that were easy to overlook in the beginning are major stumbling blocks now that you have kids, two careers, and a car that breaks down regularly. This class won’t waste your time with psychobabble. You’ll get productive exercises that yield true results.

What Does the 12-Week Class Cover?

Do you want to continually grow closer to your mate over the course of a lifetime? Habits for Your Happily Ever After is all about the practical habits that minimize problems and maximize joy.

We’ll cover the following topics. Click on one to learn more.

Your partner disappoints you or fails to keep a promise.

Expectations. It’s helpful to have expectations sometimes: at dinner an expectation like, “You will shop and I will cook,” makes life smoother and avoids both of you coming home with a mountain of groceries. But we all have invisible expectations. You’ll comfort me when I cry. I’ll change the tires on your car. These invisible expectations can get us into trouble. Learn to see expectations you didn’t know you had, and understand how those expectations set you up for success or failure.

There’s a difference between alone and lonely. Have you ever felt lonelier in your marriage than when you’re alone?

Friendship. You want to feel understood by your spouse. Marriage is more fun when you feel you have a confidant to keep you company after a bad day. When you don’t feel understood you get guarded and uptight. This can cause your relationship to get stiff or formal and you stop sharing secrets or withhold information. Moments when there is a lack of understanding happen in life, so it’s good to learn habits that guide the return of relaxation and ease. When you can laugh together you’ll feel more bonded.

Every heard yourself say, “It’s easier if I just do it myself.” But secretly, you wish you had help?

Partnership. You want to feel safe with your spouse. Marriage eases the stress when you know you’ve got a teammate who will rescue you when your car breaks down.
When you don’t feel safe you worry who’ll help when trouble arises. Insecurity in your relationship can cause you to feel like things aren’t fair and you’ll keep score of little things or get greedy when it comes to sharing. If you’re going to spend your life together you’ll certainly face a few troubles, so it’s good to learn habits that will anchor you as teammates so you face problems together. You’ll feel energized and fulfilled when you accomplish life together.

You love your spouse, but sometimes you’re bored.

Lovers. You want to feel wanted by your spouse. Marriage lubricates life’s tiny stresses when you are well anchored in affection and have a passionate partner. When you don’t feel wanted passion dies and you get bored or begin to look elsewhere. Resentments build easily and you look at other relationships with envy. Life will be boring at times so it’s important to cultivate habits that feed your zest for life. You’ll feel confident when you approach
life as a shared adventure. And where adventure and zest are alive and well, there is always more sex.

You ask and ask, but your partner doesn’t get it.

Communicate. You want communication to be easy. We love each other, so this shouldn’t feel like work, right? Well… the love you feel is filled with all sorts of invisible expectations as I’ve already mentioned. Almost every couple says to me, “We need to communicate better,” but what does that mean? You’ll learn to listen with gentle purpose and develop habits to help you reveal what didn’t feel like it needed to get said. When you feel heard and you are able to talk comfortably, the little gremlins that haunt your relationship have no where to hide and connection is easier.

You know your partner loves you, but you don’t feel like your relationship is their priority.

Prioritize. Your want to feel like you are a priority in your mate’s life. Sometimes your spouse says you’re a priority but you don’t feel like a priority. You know that prioritizing your mate is key. But how do you make your actions reflect your intentions? Knowing you matter isn’t the same as feeling like you matter. You’ll learn habits that, when repeated, make your spouse feel important to you and you’ll be able to identify habits your partner can practice that lets you know that you matter to them.

You used to find your partner so attractive. Lately, you only see them in stained sweatpants.

Attract. You want to know your mate is attracted to you and you want to feel attracted to them. But after a long work week you just want to spend the weekend in your
jammies watching TV. What is the value of attraction? Are you shallow if you think your spouse looks good for everyone but you? How can you make sure you’ll be more attracted to your spouse the longer you live together? Learn gentle habits so you can increase the attraction you feel.

Invest in growing toward one another. Join the class and learn habits that will nurture your happily ever after.

How Does the Class Work?

During the 12-week class, a lesson arrives in your email each week in the form of a story, workbook or game. You’ll have a chance to interact with other couples about the habit changes for that particular week in the members-only platform. A weekly webinar with Rebecca allows the class to dive deeper into examples of the habits as well as offer the chance for a couple to receive hot-seat coaching so everyone can learn together. These classes meet Tuesdays 4pm Pacific/7pm Eastern. You can attend live or via recording.

We’ll address topics like these:

  • Your spouse never takes a turn cleaning the kitchen.
  • You and your mate used to have fun together; but now it’s boring/frustrating.
  • You want more sex (or the converse: you want less sex).
Most couples don’t have habits like these in place. Or if you do, you haven’t specifically named the habits. When you name them and offer them a time and place in your life, your marriage benefits. Less fighting. More laughing.

Want to Participate?

When is the best time to start a habit that will sustain your relationship? The first day that relationship started. When is the second best time? Now. Class begins May 25. I can’t wait to take this journey together.

Price: $444 for 12-week course


You Will Benefit If…

  • You want to figure out how to get your partner to take their turn cleaning.
  • You want to use your money to build an estate not just pay the bills.
  • You want to stop nagging and start understanding.
  • You want to develop habits that will keep you happier.

This is Not for you if…

  • The problem is that you partner won’t do it your way.
  • You won’t invest a little time in conversation with your partner.
  • You resist new ideas or ways to employ them.
  • You think “love is all it takes” and “trying harder” is enough.

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Intrigued but still not sure if Habits for Your Happily Ever After is the right class for you and your mate? Have a few questions? I’m here. Feel free to reach out via email:, call or text to 970-210-4480.